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Research Frontiers 2005

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Contents 1 520
Editor's Note 6 1,600
Preface 7 1,000
Scientific Frontiers 8 72
  Life Science: Structural Biology 9 64
    Universal Joint Mechanism of the Bacterial Flagellar Hook
F.A. Samatey, H. Matsunami and K. Namba
10 128
    Crystal Structure of Giant Hemoglobin from Beard Worm Oligobrachia mashikoi
N. Numoto and K. Miki
12 100
    Crystal Structure of P-protein of Glycine Cleavage System from Thermus thermophilus HB8
T. Nakai and N. Kamiya
14 108
    Crystal Structure of a Junction between B-DNA and Z-DNA
S. C. Ha and K. K. Kim
16 128
    Crystal Structure of Human Flap Endonuclease-1 (FEN1) Complexed to PCNA
K. Kitano, S. Sakurai and T. Hakoshima
18 148
    Crystal Structures of Leucyl-tRNA Synthetase Complexed with tRNALeu
R. Fukunaga and S. Yokoyama
20 120
    Structure of Phytobilin Synthesis Enzyme
K. Fukuyama and M. Sugishima
22 108
    Crystal Structure of Glucooligosaccharide Oxidase from Acremonium strictum – A Novel Flavinylation of 6-S-Cysteinyl, 8α-N1-Histidyl FAD
S.-H. Liaw
24 112
    Crystal Structure of Acyl-Coa Thioesterase PaaI showing ‘Half-of-the-sites Reactivity’
N. Kunishima
26 100
    Structural Analysis of Cell Membrane Complex (CMC) of Hair Fiber by Micro X-ray Beam
N. Ohta, N. Yagi and I. Hatta
28 124
  Life Science: Medical Biology 30 64
    Element Array Analysis by Scanning X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy after Cis-Diamminedichloro-Platinum (II) Treatment
M. Shimura, A. Saito and Y. Ishizaka
31 160
    Measuring the Rate and Pattern of Lung Aeration at Birth
S. B. Hooper, R. Lewis and N. Yagi
33 88
    Small Airway Deformation of Healthy Mice during Quasi-static Lung Inflation
T. Sera
35 120
    X-ray Diffraction Recordings from Single Sarcomere within Isolated Myofibril
H. Iwamoto
37 92
  Materials Science: Structure 39 60
    Discovery of the Ferroelectricity Originated from the Electron-electron Interaction
N. Ikeda
40 84
    Investigation of SDW/CDW State in UCu2Si2 using the Non-resonant X-ray Scattering
F. Honda, N. Metoki and H. Ohsumi
42 96
    Synchrotron Radiation Experiments under Very Strong Magnetic Fields
Y. H. Matsuda and T. Inami
44 116
    Isotopic Quantum Effects in Water
C. J. Benmore, J. Neuefeind and S. Kohara
46 92
    Anomalous Dynamical Narrowing in Liquid Se
M. Inui, S. Hosokawa and K. Matsuda
48 396
    Structural Verification of Bi Nanolines in Si using Obvious-at-a-glance X-ray Diffraction Method
O. Sakata, K. Miki and D. Bowler
50 84
    Sb on In/Si(111) Processes with Dynamically Observable LEEM, Selected Area LEED and Chemically Analyzed SR-XPEEM
T. Koshikawa
52 92
    Strain Distribution in Surface Region of Thin Silicon Overlayers on Insulator
H. Omi and T. Kawamura
54 88
    Depicting Phase Separation in Polymer Blends by X-ray Phase Tomography
A. Momose and H. Jinnai
56 104
    Time-resolved X-ray Imaging of Solidification Phenomena of Metallic Alloys
H. Yasuda
58 92
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 60 62
    Ferro-type Orbital State in Mott Transition System Ca2-xSrxRuO4 Revealed by Resonant X-ray Scattering Interference Technique
M. Kubota, Y. Murakami and M. Mizumaki
61 132
    Organic Thyristor
I. Terasaki
63 1,300
    Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering of High-Tc Superconducting Cuprates
K. Ishii
65 132
    Electronic Structures of Superconducting Diamond Films
T. Yokoya
67 156
    The Size-enhanced Spin Moment in NiO Nanoparticles
C. Steer, C. Shenton-Taylor and J. Duffy
69 108
    High Energy XPS and XANES Analysis of Ag-Diacetylene Hybrid Nanoparticles Related to Plasmon Damping
H. Yoshikawa and H. Oikawa
71 208
    Observation of a Strongly Nested Fermi Surface in the Shape-memory Alloy Ni0.62Al0.38
S. B. Dugdale
73 120
    Phonons in PtFe Thin Films as High-density Magnetic Recording Media
M. Hideshima
75 120
    Electronic Structure of Uranium Compounds Revealed by Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy
S. Fujimori
77 148
  Chemical Science 79 60
    New Core-sheath Structure of Poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate] Fibers Revealed by Micro-beam X-ray Diffraction
T. Iwata and T. Tanaka
80 92
    Structure Determination of Single-component Molecular Metals by X-ray Powder Diffraction
A. Kobayashi, E. Fujiwara and E. Nishibori
82 192
    Molecular Arrangement in Organic Dye Monolayer at Air-water Interface and Its Visible Absorption Band
N. Kato, K. Yuasa and Y. Uesu
84 88
    Structural Phase Transition in Absorbed and Non-absorbed Copper(II) Trans-1,4-Cyclohexanedicarboxylate
H. Kawaji, M. Inoue and T. Atake
86 92
    Highly Dense and Selective Acetylene Accommodation in Metal-Organic Microporous Material
R. Matsuda, S. Kitagawa and M. Takata
88 112
    Symmetry-dependent Vibrational Excitation in Core-level Photoionization of Small Molecules: Experiment and Theory
K. Ueda, M. Ehara and H. Nakatsuji
90 80
    Probing of Local Electronic Structure in Small Hydrogen Bonding Clusters using Soft X-ray Photoabsorption Spectroscopy
Y. Tamenori
92 120
    Structural Models of Bimetallic Nanoparticles – The Importance of Alloying Extent as Studied by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
B.-J. Hwang, J.-F. Lee and M.-T. Tang
94 92
    Infrared Spectroscopy under Multiextreme Conditions: Direct Observation of Pseudogap Formation and Collapse in CeSb
S. Kimura
96 80
  Earth & Planetary Science 98 56
    New High-pressure form of Pyrite-type Silica under Multimegabar Pressure
Y. Kuwayama and K. Hirose
99 136
    Precise Measurement of Seismic Wave Velocities under Deep Mantle Conditions
Y. Higo, T. Inoue and T. Irifune
101 128
    Kinetics of Olivine-wadsleyite Transformation and Presence of Metastable Olivine in Cold Subducting Oceanic Plates
T. Kubo, T. Hosoya and E. Ohtani
103 152
    Density Measurements of Silicate Magma under Pressure by X-ray Absorption Technique
S. Urakawa, E. Ohtani and Y. Katayama
105 92
  Environmental Science 107 60
    Cell-selective Determination of Sn in Spermatozoa of Rats Exposed to Tributyltin Chloride by X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (SR-XRF) using Microprobe
S. Homma-Takeda
108 96
    Arsenic Distribution and Speciation in Arsenic Hyperaccumulator Fern by Micro-XRF Imaging and Micro-XANES Analysis
A. Hokura, N. Kitajima, Y. Terada and I. Nakai
110 100
    Transformation of Iodine Species in Soil under Upland Field and Submerged Paddy Field Conditions
N. Yamaguchi , M. Nakano and H. Tanida
112 108
    Trace Metallic Elements in Coal, Coal Ash and Gypsum Measured by Fluorescence X-ray Absorption Near-edge Structure
H. Akiho and T. Yamamoto
114 268
    In Situ Structural Analysis of Heterogeneous Noble Metal Catalysts in Solvent under Reduction-oxidation Conditions by Quick XAFS
T. Fujita, K. Okumura and Y. Takenaka
116 92
  Industrial Applications 118 56
    Interfacial Structure of Tunnel Oxynitride Films in Flash Memory
Z. Liu and T. Ide
119 92
    Structural and Electrical Properties of Optical Phase-change Materials GeTe and Ge8Sb2Te11
T. Matsunaga
121 132
    X-ray Reflectometry for Absolute Thickness Measurement of Perfluoro-polyether Lubricant on Hard Disk Surface
Y. Sakane
123 272
    Nondestructive Measurement of Hexavalent Chromium in Chromate Conversion Coatings using X-ray Absorption Near-edge Structure
K. Nomura and N. Awaji
125 212
    Evidence of Surface Compression and Stability of Laser-peened Material without Coating
Y. Sano and K. Akita
127 152
    Development of In Situ Observation Technique on Solidification Structure of Weld Metals by X-ray Diffraction
M. Yonemura, Y. Komizo and H. Toyokawa
129 120
    Evaluation of Calcium Leaching in Concrete using High-intensity X-ray CT
T. Hitomi
131 88
    Structural Analysis of Curly and Straight Human Hair Fibers by Scanning Microbeam SAXS
T. Itou, Y. Kajiura and Y. Amemiya
133 112
    Structural Analysis of Human Hair Cuticle using Microbeam X-ray Diffraction: Relationship with Effects of Hair Dyeing
T. Inoue, Y. Iwamoto and N. Ohta
135 144
  Instrumentation & Methodology 137 68
    Realization of Fabry-Perot Resonators for Hard X-rays
S.-L. Chang, Y. Stetsko and M.-T. Tang
138 112
    Backscattering Topography of Large, Nearly Perfect Quartz Crystals
J. Sutter, A. Q. R. Baron and T. Ishikawa
140 120
    Photoelectron Holography: Maximum Entropy Reconstruction Scheme
T. Matsushita
142 136
    Phase Tomography by X-ray Talbot Interferometry
A. Momose, W. Yashiro and T. Hattori
144 164
    Development of Astronomical Hard X-ray Telescope and Its Characterization using High-brilliance Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Y. Ogasaka, K. Tamura and R. Shibata
146 104
    Development of NanoXAFS: New Use of Photoelectron Emission Microscope (PEEM) in Connection with Hard X-ray
M. Kotsugi, T. Wakita and K. Ono
148 124
    Phase Modulation of 181Ta Nuclear Resonant Synchrotron Radiation
S. Nasu, S. Morimoto and Y. Yoda
150 124
    High Quality Iron Borate Crystal for Nuclear Resonant Scattering Experiment
T. Mitsui
152 296
  Nuclear Physics 154 36
    K+ Photo-production with LEPS at BL33LEP
M. Sumihama
155 104
    Energy Upgrade of Laser-Electron Photon Beam
N. Muramatsu
157 72
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 159 124
  Beam Performance 160 1,800
    • Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring
• Developments and Upgrades of Booster Synchrotron
• Developments and Upgrades of Linac
• Impacts of the Top-up Operation to SR Experiments
  Insertion Devices 172 112
    • Undulators with High-temperature Superconducting Permanent Magnets    
  Detectors 175 152
    • Microgap Gas Detector RAPID    
  New Apparatus & Upgrades 176 508
    • Optimization of Beamline BL41XU for Measurement of Micro-protein Crystal
• Powder Diffractometry for Time Resolved Charge Density Study
• Micro-area Reciprocal Space Map Measurements for Characterizing Strain Status
of Epitaxial Layers
• Development of Ultra-fast CT System with a Quasi-monochromatic Beam
Facility Status 183 116
  Machine Operation 184 76
  Beamlines 185 120
  Proposal Scheme and Utilization Statistics 189 620
  Budget and Manpower 193 404
  Organization 194 236
  International Conferences and Workshops 196 252
Project XFEL 197 96
  X-ray FEL Project at RIKEN/SPring-8 198 156

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