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Research Frontiers 2010

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Contents 2 382 kB
Preface 7 398 kB
Scientific Frontiers 9 285 kB
  A Place in the "X-ray" Sun – At Vanguard of Science 10 699 kB
  Life Science: Structural Biology 14 850 kB
    Crystal structure of the pre-microRNA nuclear export machinery
E. Yamashita , C. Okada -Jiko and T. Tsukihara
16 288 kB
    Crystal structure of the human nucleosome containing a testis-specific histone variant, H3T
H. Tachiwana , W. Kagawa and H. Kurumizaka
18 530 kB
    Crystal structure of glutamine transamidosome reveals how two enzymes bound to one tRNA assume alternative conformations for consecutive reactions
T. Ito and S. Yokoyama
20 320 kB
    Structure and function of a protein mimicking transfer RNA revealed from the structure of translation elongation factor P complexed with an aminoacyl_tRNA synthetase paralog, GenX
T. Yanagisawa , T. Sumida and S. Yokoyama
22 331 kB
    Crystal structure of Ero1α, a flavoenzyme responsible for protein disulfide generation in human cells
K. Inaba
24 382 kB
    Structural basis for actin capping protein regulation by two different inhibitors
S. Takeda , Y. Maéda and Y. Nitanai
26 265 kB
    Regulation of melanoma cell migration by pirin is revealed by a small molecule inhibitor
H. Okumura , I. Miyazaki and H. Osada
28 298 kB
    Atomic description of inter-protein electron transfer reaction for biological nitrite reduction in the global nitrogen cycle
M. Nojiri
30 296 kB
    Structures of dimeric and trimeric cytochrome c and its polymerization mechanism
S. Hirota and Y. Higuchi
32 334 kB
  Life Science: Medical Biology 34 604 kB
    Pulmonary blood flow distribution is impaired in two distinctly different forms of pulmonary hypertension
D. O. Schwenke , K. Umetani and M. Shirai
36 403 kB
    Imaging lung motion to detect lung disease
S. B. Hooper, A. Fouras and R. A. Lewis
38 312 kB
    Revealing the molecular mechanisms of muscle weakness in an inherited myopathy
J. Ochala , H. Iwamoto and N. Yagi
40 334 kB
    Adaptation of a hyperthermophilic group II chaperonins to relatively moderate temperatures
T. Kanzaki , T. Oka and M. Yohda
42 482 kB
    Trace element mapping of a single cell using a hard X-ray nanobeam focused by a Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror system
S. Matsuyama and K. Yamauchi
44 532 kB
    Hard X-ray phase-difference microscopy using self-imaging phenomenon of a transmission phase grating
W. Yashiro and A. Momose
46 523 kB
  Materials Science: Structure 48 790 kB
    Face-centered-cubic structured Cs3C60: the Holy Grail of fulleride superconductivity
K. Prassides and M. J. Rosseinsky
50 288 kB
    Crystal orientation and thickness dependence of the superconducting transition temperature of tetragonal FeSe1-x thin films
M. J. Wang , T. W. Huang and M. K. Wu
52 472 kB
    Morphotropic phase boundary in ferromagnets - a way leading to large magnetostriction
S. Yang and X. Ren
54 395 kB
    Symmetry switch of cobalt ferrocyanide framework by alkaline cation exchange
Y. Moritomo and T. Matsuda
56 604 kB
    Photoindued guest trapping and conversion by photoresponsive nanoporous crystal
R. Matsuda , H. Sato and S. Kitagawa
58 282 kB
    How do phase-change materials crystallize so fast?
N. Yamada , T. Matsunaga and M. Takata
60 449 kB
    Formation of nano-oriented crystals of iPP with ultrahigh performance crystallized by extreme melt elongation
K. N. Okada and M. Hikosaka
62 491 kB
    Dual energy K- edge subtraction imaging of 3D inhomogeneous microstructure in highly alloyed aluminium foam
Q. Zhang and H. Toda
64 352 kB
    Three-dimensional electron density mapping of shape-controlled nanoparticle by focused hard X-ray diffraction microscopy
Y. Takahashi and N. Zettsu
66 494 kB
  Materials Science: Electronic & Magnetic Properties 68 773 kB
    Study of oxygen migration at Pt/HfO2/ Pt interface by bias-application hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
T. Nagata , Y. Yamashita and K. Kobayashi
70 342 kB
    Tunable strongly correlated oxide semiconductors revealed by hard X-ray photoemission spectroscopy
H. Tanaka , H. Takami and S. Ueda
72 1.9 MB
    Nesting driven spin spiral in ultrathin Fe /Cu (001) films
J. Miyawaki , A. Chainani and S. Shin
74 333 kB
    Symmetry of wavefunction in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy films
H. Sakurai
76 561 kB
    Anisotropic phonon density of states in FePt nanoparticles with L10 structure
Y. Tamada , T. Ono and S. Nasu
78 393 kB
    Novel magnetic domain structure of iron meteorite observed by photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM)
M. Kotsugi
80 454 kB
    Complete assignment of 3D spin axes of antiferomagnetic domain structures of NiO: Combined study of MLD-PEEM and cluster model calculation
K. Arai , A. Tanaka and T. Kinoshita
82 389 kB
  Chemical Science 84 712 kB
    Photoelectron-recoil-induced rotational excitation
T. D. Thomas , E. Kukk and K. Ueda
86 339 kB
    Structural and dynamical properties of water under high temperatures and pressures revealed by combining first principles molecular dynamics simulations and in situ X-ray diffraction experiments
T. Ikeda and Y. Katayama
88 472 kB
    Epitaxial graphene on silicon substrates
H. Fukidome and M. Suemitsu
90 678 kB
    Observation of a Li cation encapsulated in a C60 fullerene cage by single-crystal charge density analysis
S. Aoyagi , E. Nishibori and H. Sawa
92 349 kB
    Surface molecular architecture : Highly crystalline metal-organic framework nanofilms assembled by Langmuir-Blodgett and layer-by-layer methods
R. Makiura and H. Kitagawa
94 482 kB
    Photoresponsive soft material by large-scale molecular ordering of a polymer brush
T. Kajitani
96 401 kB
    Highly selective sorption of oxygen and nitric oxide by an electron-donating flexible porous coordination polymer
R. Matsuda , S. Shimomura and S. Kitagawa
98 395 kB
    Discovery of ‘bicontinuous cubic’ liquid crystalline mesophase from discotic molecules
Y. Yamamoto
100 416 kB
    Structure of liquid and glassy ZnCl2
A. Zeidler, P. S. Salmon and T. Usuki
102 331 kB
    Studies of the degraded state of excavated archaeological silk fibers using infrared microspectroscopy
M. Akada , M. Sato and M. Okuyama
104 392 kB
  Earth & Planetary Science 106 812 kB
    Structure of iron in Earth's inner core
S. Tateno
108 355 kB
    Phase transitions, element partitioning, and density changes in a model lower mantle composition
T. Irifune
110 357 kB
    Elastic properties of ice VII and its high-pressure polymorphs
Y. Asahara
112 338 kB
    Back transformation kinetics of majoritic garnet and implication for ascending rate of diamond
M. Nishi , T. Kubo and T. Kato
114 361 kB
    Quantitative analysis of minerals in meteorite chips by SR-X-ray microcomputated tomography
M. Uesugi , K. Uesugi and M. Oka
116 347 kB
  Environmental Science 118 616 kB
    Mechanism of antimony immobilization in contaminated soil under reducing condition
S. Mitsunobu
120 453 kB
    Tracking the pathway of diesel exhaust particles from nose to brain by micro-X-ray florescence analysis
Y. Matsui and N. Sakai
122 503 kB
    Transformations of soil Pb species by plant growth and phosphorus amendment: Phytoremediation and metal immobilization technologies
Y. Hashimoto and M. Takaoka
124 390 kB
    EXAFS study on the cause of enrichment of heavy rare earth elements on bacterial cell surfaces
Y. Takahashi
126 313 kB
    Vapochromic behaviors of organic crystals: A convenient and versatile chemical sensor for sick house gas detection
H. Takaya , E. Takahashi and T. Naota
128 421 kB
    XAFS studies on the formation of atomic Pd active in the Suzuki coupling reactions
K. Okumura
130 403 kB
  Industrial Applications 132 692 kB
    Zr inclusions revealed by microcomputed tomography observations on the CO2 laser fusion splicing interface between single-mode optical fibers
S. Koike , S. Asakawa and J. Kobayashi
134 381 kB
    Structure analysis of nanoparticle dispersed in transparent resin using synchrotron X-ray scattering
K. Senoo
136 599 kB
    Observation of fatigue crack propagation in laser-peened aluminum alloy by computed tomography with synchrotron radiation
K. Masaki and Y. Sano
138 376 kB
    High-resolution three-dimensional computed tomography for materials from industrial field
H. Takano , Y. Urushihara and J. Matsui
140 454 kB
    Measurement of the internal stress distribution in grains of stainless steel usingwhite X-ray microbeam diffraction
K. Kajiwara , M. Sato and T. Yamada
142 413 kB
  Nuclear Physics 144 733 kB
    Incoherent Φ-meson photoproduction from deuterium
W. C. Chang
146 315 kB
    Backward- η meson photoproduction at BL33LEPS
M. Sumihama
148 282 kB
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 150 482 kB
  Beam Performance 151  
    Developments and Upgrades of Storage Ring and Booster Synchrotron 151 2 MB
    Developments and Upgrades of Linac 155 341 kB
  Controls & Computing 157  
    Wide-area remote experiment system at SPring-8 157 270 kB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology 159  
    In situ field measurement and correction for in-vacuum undulators 159 365 kB
    Formation of sub-10 nm hard X-ray beam 161 288 kB
    Total reflection zone plate for 15 nm line focus of 10 keV X-rays 163 377 kB
    Development of Fourier transform holography imaging using soft and hard X-rays 165 448 kB
    Development of scanning X-ray microscope using microdiffraction 167 470 kB
    Development of silicon and cadmium telluride pixel detectors 169 286 kB
Facility Status 171 463 kB
    Introduction 172 182 kB
    Machine Operation 174 200 kB
    Beamlines 175 363 kB
    User Program and Statistics 178 739 kB
    Budget and Personnel 182 182 kB
    Research Complex 183 317 kB
    Users Societies, Conferences and Other Activities 185 215 kB
Project XFEL 187 2 MB
    Progress of the XFEL Project 188 2.7 MB
NewSUBARU 194 204 kB
    Major Activity of NewSUBARU 195 350 kB

Cover   552 kB
Colophon   95 kB
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