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SPring-8/SACLA Research Frontiers 2015

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Contents 1 1.3MB
Preface 5 2.1MB
Editor's Note 6 1.3MB
Scientific Frontiers 7 2.8MB
    Structural Biology of the Sodium Pump 8 4.3MB
    High-Pressure Research on Superconductivity at SPring-8 12 2.7MB
  Life Science    
  Structural Biology:    
  sacla Radiation damage-free structure of photosystem II at 1.95 Å resolution revealed by femtosecond X-ray pulses at SACLA
J.-R. Shen, F. Akita and M. Suga
16 1.7MB
    Energy transfer pathways revealed from structural analysis of the plant PSI-LHCI supercomplex
M. Suga and J.-R. Shen
18 2.6MB
    Visualization of agonistic and inhibitory DNA recognition by Toll-like receptor 9
T. Shimizu
20 1.6MB
    Crystal structures of the human adiponectin receptors
H. Tanabe, T. Yamauchi, T. Kadowaki and S. Yokoyama
22 2.3MB
    Absolute slowness encoded in the circadian clock protein KaiC
J. Abe, A. Mukaiyama and S. Akiyama
24 1.2MB
  Crystallography Technique:    
  sacla Grease matrix method for serial femtosecond crystallography using XFELs
M. Sugahara, E. Nango and S. Iwata
26 1.5MB
  sacla De novo phasing with serial femtosecond crystallography at SACLA
T. Nakatsu, K. Yamashita and S. Iwata
28 1.3MB
  Cell Motility:    
    X-ray diffraction patterns from flagellar axonemes of Chlamydomonas
S. Toba and K. Oiwa
30 2.8MB
  Respiratory Medicine:    
    Imaging the airway surface to test Cystic Fibrosis treatments
K. Morgan, M. Donnelley, D. Parsons and K. Siu
32 1.3MB
    Distribution analyses of trace metallic elements in oral mucosal tissues using high-energy SR-XRF
M. Uo
34 2.0MB
    Structural mouthpart interaction evolved already in the earliest lineages of insects
A. Blanke and R. Machida
36 1.3MB
  Physical Science    
    Ferromagnetically coupled stellated cuboctahedral spin nanocage
S. Kang and O. Sato
38 1.7MB
    Imaging and controlling all-in/all-out magnetic domains in pyrochlores
S. Tardif
40 2.0MB
    Competition and collaboration between magnetism and superconductivity: Electronic structures of ferromagnetic superconductors UGe2, URhGe, and UCoGe
S. Fujimori
42 1.9MB
    Linking phonons in SrFe2As2 to magnetic fluctuations
A. Q. R. Baron, N. Murai, T. Fukuda and S. Tajima
44 1.4MB
    Discovery of suboxidic coordinate in high-Tc ferromagnetic semiconductor Co-doped TiO2
W. Hu, K. Hayashi and T. Fukumura
46 1.5MB
  Strongly Correlated System:    
    Strongly correlated ground-state orbital symmetry of tetragonal and cubic Yb compounds probed by linear dichroism in angle-resolved core-level photoemission
A. Sekiyama, Y. Kanai and S. Imada
48 2.5MB
  Condensed Matter Physics:    
    Characterization of local strain in Ge1−x Snx /Ge fine structures by using microdiffraction
O. Nakatsuka, S. Ike and S. Zaima
50 2.9MB
    Copper oxide without static Jahn-Teller distortion
N. Katayama, H. Sawa and S. Nakatsuji
52 1.6MB
    Site-specific valence atomic orbital characterization by detection of angular-momentum-polarized Auger electrons
F. Matsui
54 2.1MB
  Amorphous Material:    
    Structure of an extremely fragile liquid
S. Kohara and K. Ohara
56 1.5MB
  Liquid Metal:    
    Remarkable dispersion of the acoustic mode in liquid Bi linked to Peierls distortion
M. Inui, Y. Kajihara, S. Munejiri and A. Q. R. Baron
58 1.1MB
  X-ray Physics:    
    Proposal to generate an isolated monocycle X-ray pulse by counteracting the slippage effect in free-electron lasers
T. Tanaka
60 1.1MB
  Atomic Physics:    
  sacla Nanoplasma formation in rare-gas clusters ignited by intense X-ray free-electron laser pulses from SACLA
H. Fukuzawa, T. Tachibana and K. Ueda
62 1.1MB
  Chemical Science    
  Fuel Cell Research:    
    Surface-regulated Nano-SnO2/Pt3Co/C cathode catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells prepared by a new Sn deposition method
K. Nagasawa, S. Takao and Y. Iwasawa
64 1.3MB
  Battery Research:    
    Breakthrough in energy density of lithium ion batteries by spectroscopic X-ray diffraction
K. Fukuda, T. Kawaguchi and E. Matsubara
66 1.7MB
    Understanding a battery with high-energy X-ray Compton scattering
Y. Sakurai and M. Itou
68 2.0MB
    Ultrathin inorganic molecular nanowires based on transition metal oxide
Z. Zhang, T. Murayama, N. Yasuda and W. Ueda
70 1.6MB
    Role of liquid indium in the structural purity of wurtzite InAs nanowires that grow on Si(111)
A. Biermanns-Föth, E. Dimakis and U. Pietsch
72 1.6MB
    Bonding and electronic states of boron in silicon nanowires characterized by infrared synchrotron radiation beam
N. Fukata, Y. Ikemoto and T. Moriwaki
74 1.9MB
  Molecular Chemistry:    
  sacla Direct observation of bond formation in solution with femtosecond X-ray scattering
J. G. Kim, H. Ihee and S. Adachi
76 1.5MB
    Fast ortho-para conversion of H2 observed in a coordination nanospace
E. Nishibori, T. Kosone and M. Ohba
78 1.6MB
  sacla Visualizing photoinduced intramolecular electron transfer
S. E. Canton, K. S. Kjær and M. M. Nielsen
80 1.4MB
  Amorphous Material:    
    Melting of Pb charge glass and simultaneous Pb-Cr charge transfer in PbCrO3 as the origin of volume collapse
R. Yu and M. Azuma
82 1.9MB
  Organic Thin Film:    
    Successful formation of uniform organic thin films of macroscopic size by rational space-filling design
Y. Shoji, T. Kajitani and T. Fukushima
84 2.1MB
  Polymer Science:    
    Quantitative design of fiber strength by the structural development analysis of PET
Y. Ohkoshi
86 1.1MB
  Gas Storage:    
    Oxygen storage capability of BaYMn2O5+σ studied by high-temperature X-ray diffraction under precisely controlled oxygen pressures
T. Motohashi, Y. Kubota and H. Kageyama
88 2.2MB
    Fe4+-based quadruple perovskite catalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
I. Yamada and S. Yagi
90 1.6MB
  Surface Reaction:    
    Reaction of CO2 on the stepped Cu(997) surface revealed by ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
S. Yamamoto, T. Koitaya and J. Yoshinobu
92 1.1MB
  Cross-coupling Reaction:    
    Mechanistic investigation of iron-catalyzed Kumada-Tamao-Corriu-type cross-coupling reactions based on solution-phase XAFS
H. Takaya, S. Nakajima and M. Nakamura
94 1.4MB
  Environmental Science:    
    Accumulation and distribution of cesium in Egeria densa, a submerged plant
E. Harada, Y. Nagakawa and A. Hokura
96 2.2MB
    Chemical forms of cesium in ashes generated from municipal solid waste incineration
K. Oshita, K. Shiota and M. Takaoka
98 2.1MB
    Arsenic distribution and speciation around rice roots
N. Yamaguchi
100 2.3MB
    Mercury sulfide formation process under mechanochemical reaction using a planetary ball mill
N. Fukuda and M. Takaoka
102 1.3MB
  Earth & Planetary Science    
  Earth Science:    
    Speed of sound in liquid Fe-C alloy under high pressures using inelastic X-ray scattering
Y. Nakajima, S. Imada, K. Hirose and A. Q. R. Baron
104 1.3MB
    Magma fracturing and friction: Implications for volcanic eruptions
S. Okumura
106 1.4MB
    Grain boundary sliding as the major flow mechanism of Earth's upper mantle
T. Ohuchi, T. Irifune and Y. Higo
108 1.3MB
  Planetary Science:    
    Curious kinetic behavior in silica polymorphs solves seifertite puzzle in shocked meteorite
T. Kubo and T. Kato
110 1.2MB
  Industrial Applications    
  Battery Research:    
    Analyzing reaction mechanism of Li-ion secondary battery by element-specific in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy and theoretical spectral simulations
H. Imai, M. Mogi and K. Kubobuchi
112 1.2MB
  Material Mechanics:    
    Scanning three-dimensional X-ray diffraction microscopy for non-destructive observation of plastic deformation in metallic materials
Y. Hayashi, Y. Seno and D. Setoyama
114 1.4MB
  Polymer Science:    
    Enhancement of out-of-plane mobility in P3HT film: Face-on orientation produced by rubbing
D. Kajiya, T. Koganezawa and K. Saitow
116 1.7MB
    Formation of stable self-assembled multilayer palladium nanoparticles for ligand-free coupling reactions
N. Hoshiya, S. Shuto and M. Arisawa
118 1.4MB
Accelerators & Beamlines Frontiers 120 4.5MB
    Beam Performance 121 1.4MB
    Controls & Computing    
    Development, implementation and operation of MADOCAII middleware for accelerator and beamline control
A. Yamashita and T. Matsushita
122 2.3MB
  Beam Performance 126 2.3MB
  New Apparatus, Upgrades & Methodology    
    Highly efficient arrival time diagnostics for SACLA
T. Sato and M. Yabashi
128 1.4MB
    Experimental platform for serial femtosecond crystallography at SACLA
K. Tono, S. Iwata and M. Yabashi
130 1.8MB
    Signal enhancement and Patterson-search phasing for higher-spatial-resolution coherent X-ray diffraction imaging of biological objects
Y. Takayama and K. Yonekura
132 2.0MB
    Time-resolved hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy using SACLA: Investigation of space-charge effects induced with optical pump and X-ray probe pulses
L.-P. Oloff, K. Rossnagel and M. Oura
134 1.3MB
Facility Status 136 937KB
    SPring-8 Facility Status 137 1.4MB
    SACLA Facility Status 146 2.0MB
NewSUBARU 148 1.8MB
    Low energy soft X-ray emission spectrometer at BL-09A in NewSUBARU 149 1.8MB

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