SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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SPring-8 Annual Report 1998

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Cover [861 kB]
Editorial Board
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1. Overview of the SPring-8 Project 1
2. Facilities
  2-1 Accelerators
    Accelerator Division -General- 8
    Operation 9
    Linac 12
    Synchrotron and Storage Ring 14
    Control System 17
    Beam Dynamics 20
  2-2 Experimental Facilities
    Experimental Facilities -General- 23
    Beamline Development
      Insertion Devices [633 kB] 26
      Front End 31
      Transport Channel and Optics 33
      SPring-8 Detector Projects 35
    Information Network System 39
    Public Beamlines
      XAFS (BL01B1) 42
      Crystal Structure Analysis (BL02B1) 44
      Powder Diffraction (BL02B2) [463 kB] 47
      High Temperature Research (BL04B1) 49
      High Energy X-ray Diffraction (BL04B2) [367 kB] 51
      High Energy Inelastic Scattering (BL08W) 53
      Nuclear Resonant Scattering (BL09XU) 54
      Extremely Dense State Research (BL10XU) 56
      Medical and Imaging I (BL20B2) [483 kB] 58
      Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solid (BL25SU) 60
      Soft X-ray Photochemistry (BL27SU) [369 kB] 62
      White Beam X-ray Diffraction (BL28B2) 63
      High Resolution Inelastic Scattering (BL35XU) [314 kB] 65
      Physicochemical Analysis (BL39XU) 67
      High Flux (BL40XU) 69
      Structural Biology II (BL40B2) 70
      Structural Biology I (BL41XU) 71
    JAERI Beamlines
      JAERI Beamline I (BL23SU) 73
      JAERI Beamline II (BL14B1) [341 kB] 75
      JAERI Beamline III (BL11XU) [372 kB] 77
    RIKEN Beamlines (BL45XU, BL44B2, BL29XU, BL19LXU) 79
    R&D Beamline
      R&D I (BL47XU) 83
      R&D II (BL46XU) 85
    Contract Beamlines
      Hyogo (BL24XU) 87
      Industrial Consortium ID (BL16XU) 89
      Industrial Consortium BM (BL16B2) 90
      WEBRAM (BL15XU) [368 kB] 92
      Laser-Electron Photon (BL33LEP) 95
      Macromolecular Assemblies (BL44XU) 99
  2-3 Safety Office 101
  2-4 Utility Management 102
3. Activities
  3-1 Accelerators
      Status of Alignment for the Linac A. MIZUNO 105
      RF Gun Study in the SPring-8 Linac A. MIZUNO 107
      New Transport Line for 1GeV Linac (2) S. SUZUKI 110
      Stability Evaluation of the 1GeV Electron Beam by a Particle-dynamics Code T. ASAKA 113
      The Improvement of the Electron Gun for the SPring-8 Linac T. KOBAYASHI 116
      Integration of the Synchrotron Control System to the SPring-8 Control System N. HOSODA 118
    Storage Ring
      Excitation of Betatron Oscillation under Finite Chromaticity T. NAKAMURA 121
      Energy Spread Measurement of the SPring-8 Storage Ring with Chromatic Sideband Peak Height of Betatron Oscillation Spectrum T. NAKAMURA 124
      Measurement of Electron Beam Oscillation in SPring-8 Storage Ring T. OHSHIMA 127
      Effect of Temperature Variation to the Beam Stability of the SPring-8 Storage Ring K. TSUMAKI 129
      Energy, Energy Loss and Energy Fluctuation of Electron Beam of the SPring-8 Storage Ring K. TSUMAKI 132
      Improvement of BPM Signal Processing Electronics Circuits for COD Measurement S. SASAKI 134
      Beam-based Measurement of BPM Offsets K. SOUTOME 137
      Lattice Design of SPring-8 Storage Ring with Four Magnet-free Long Straight Sections H. TANAKA 140
      Orbit Stabilization in SPring-8 Storage Ring H. TANAKA 143
      Development of a Fast Light Shutter for Beam Diagnostics K. TAMURA 146
      Elevation Changes of the New SUBARU Ring Magnets [532 kB] S. MATSUI 148
      About Realignment of New SUBARU Ring and Its Transport Line [616 kB] C. ZHANG 151
      Preliminary Simulation of Low Energy Positrons Behavior in Matter with Code Named LEPRE J. SCHIMIZU 154
  3-2 Experimental Facilities
    Insertion Device
      Control System for an APPLE Type Undulator Y. HIRAMATSU  157
      Dynamic Measurement of Magnet Array Phase Position in an APPLE Type Undulator Y. HIRAMATSU 160
    Front End
      Ring Current and Filling Pattern Dependence of X-ray Beam Position Monitors H. AOYAGI 163
      Development of Enhanced Heat Transfer Coolant Channels for the SPring-8 Front End Components T. MOCHIZUKI 164
      The Development of Volumetric Heating Technique S. TAKAHASHI 167
      Observation of Photon Beam Oscillation by XBPM T. KUDO 169
      On-Beamline Calibration of the MCCDX System [619 kB] M. SUZUKI 171
      A High Gain MSGC with a Capillary Plate H. TOYOKAWA 174
      Development of CCD-based High Resolution Imaging Detectors N. YAGI 177
      Measurement of Phosphor Persistence in X-ray Image Intensifiers N. YAGI 178
      The Behavior of Ionization Chambers and the Criterion of High Applied Voltage under the High Current Storage Ring Operation K. SATO 179
      Development of a Position Sensitive Ionization Chamber with Backgammon Electrodes as a Beam Position Monitor for SR Experiments K. SATO 181
      Report on Installing Sagittal Focus Bender in Bending Magnet Beamline Y. YONEDA 183
      Wide Range X-ray Diffraction Station BL40B2 H. MORIYAMA 185
  3-3 List of Synchrotron Radiation Experiments 186
4. Publication
  List of Symposia and Others 199
    The First SPring-8 Symposium 201
    The Second SPring-8 Symposium 202
    SRMS-2 203
  List of Publications 204
  1. Committees 210
  2. Structure of Organization 215
  3. Scientific Staff 216
Erratum [408 kB] 221

Other Individual Activities at SPring-8(**)
  Time-resolved X-ray Diffraction with Rotating Nanocrystal Y. C. SASAKI
  Structure Analysis of Blastcidin S Deaminase by MAD M. YAMAMOTO
  Determination of Photon-beam Axis at BL27SU T. TANAKA
  In situ Structural Study of Electrochemically Deposited Pd Layers on Au(111) by Surface X-ray Scattering Measurements T. KONDO
  X-ray Diffuse Scattering of the Halogen-bridged Mixed-valence Diplatinum(II,III) Complex, Pt2(EtCS2)4I K. TORIUMI
  SiO2 Etching Induced by Soft X-ray from Figure-8 Undulator O. MAIDA
  The Potentials of Synchrotron Small Angle X-ray Scattering to Study Complex Adsorption and Swelling Processes in Latexes J. BOLZE
  Phase Behaviour of Lipid Bilayers formed by mixtures of DMPC and DHPC studied by Small Angle X-ray Scattering J. BOLZE
  Effect of High Energy Ion-irradiation on Defect Structure in Pure Ni H. YUYA
  (**) These papers appear only on the Web page and are not contained in the printed Annual Report 1998.