SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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SPring-8 Annual Report 1999

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Editorial Board
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1. Overview of the SPring-8 1
2. Facilities
  2-1 Accelerators
    Accelerator Division -General- 9
    Operation 11
    Linac 14
    Synchrotron 16
    Storage Ring 17
    Control System 19
    Beam Dynamics 22
  2-2 Experimental Facilities
    Experimental Facilities -General- 25
    Beamline Development
      Insertion Devices [high resolution edition 1.1 MB] 28
      Front End 31
      Transport Channel and Optics 34
      SPring-8 Detector Projects 37
    Information Network System 39
    Public Beamlines
      XAFS (BL01B1) 41
      Crystal Structure Analysis (BL02B1) 43
      Powder Diffraction (BL02B2) 45
      High Temperature Research (BL04B1) 48
      High Energy X-ray Diffraction (BL04B2) 49
      High Energy Inelastic Scattering (BL08W) 50
      Nuclear Resonant Scattering (BL09XU) 51
      Extremely Dense State Research (BL10XU) 53
      Medical and Imaging I (BL20B2) 54
      Medical and Imaging II (BL20XU) 56
      Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solid (BL25SU) 57
      Soft X-ray Photochemistry (BL27SU) 58
      White Beam X-ray Diffraction (BL28B2) 60
      High Resolution Inelastic Scattering (BL35XU) 62
      Physicochemical Analysis (BL39XU) 65
      High Flux (BL40XU) 68
      Structural Biology I (BL41XU) 71
      Structural Biology II (BL40B2) 73
      Infrared Materials Science (BL43IR) 74
    JAERI Beamlines
      JAERI Actinide Science (BL23SU) 76
      JAERI Materials Science I (BL14B1) 77
      JAERI Materials Science II (BL11XU) 79
    RIKEN Beamlines
      RIKEN Structural Biology I (BL45XU) 82
      RIKEN Structural Biology II (BL44B2) 83
      RIKEN SR Physics (BL19LXU) 84
      RIKEN Coherent X-ray Optics (BL29XU) 85
      1 km Extention of BL29XU 87
    R&D Beamline
      R&D I (BL47XU) 90
      R&D II (BL46XU) 91
      R&D III (BL38B1) 92
    Contract Beamlines
      APCST ID (BL12XU) 93
      APCST BM (BL12B2) 95
      WEBRAM (BL15XU) [high resolution edition 1.0 MB] 97
      Industrial Consortium ID (BL16XU) 100
      Industrial Consortium BM (BL16B2) 101
      Hyogo Beamline (BL24XU) 102
      Laser-Electron Photon (BL33LEP) 104
      Macromolecular Assemblies (BL44XU) 106
  2-3 Safety Office 108
  2-4 Utility Management 109
  2-5 Technical Support Group 117
3. Activities
  3-1 Accelerators
      Beam Measurement of Photocathode RF Gun T. TANIUCHI 120
      Energy Compression System for 1 GeV Linac T. ASAKA 123
      Measurement of Beam Energy Loss in the SPring-8 Synchrotron K. FUKAMI 126
      Magnet Level Survey in the SPring-8 Synchrotron K. FUKAMI 128
      Continuous Measurement of Output Fluctuation of Power Supplies for Lattice Magnets in the SPring-8 Synchrotron K. FUKAMI 130
    Storage Ring
      Observation of Betatron Oscillation in SPring-8 Storage Ring T. OHSHIMA 133
      Measurement of Horizontal Beam Size of a Stored Beam K. SOUTOME 136
      Simulation of Positron Production by Electromagnetic Interaction, Slowdown to Thermal Energy and Reemission of Positrons in the Target-Moderator System J. SCHIMIZU 139
  3-2 Experimental Facilities
    Front End
      Photon Beam Diagnostics Using XBPMs H. AOYAGI 142
      Medical Imaging Detectors for Real-Time Micro-Radiography K. UEMTANI 144
      The Position-Sensitive Ionization Chamber for Synchrotron Radiation Experiments K. SATO 146
      A m Ionization Chamber for Synchrotron Radiation Diffraction / Scattering Experiments K. SATO 147
      Two Notable APDs for Fast X-ray Detection A.Q.R. BARON 149
      A Mechanism for the Simple Control of High-Resolution Optics M. YABASHI 151
      Commissioning of a Cryostat and a Successful Measurement of Resonant Magnetic Specular Reflections from a Multilayer at BL39XU H. HASHIZUME 153
      The Development of the Beamline Interlock System T. MATSUSHITA  154
      Development of High-Pressure Cell for X-ray Solution Scattering Optimized for BL45XU Y. NISHIKAWA 157
      A High-Speed Current Amplifier for PSIC K. SATO 160
      Development of Laser-SR Synchronization System Y. TANAKA 161
  3-3 Others
      Synchronous Beam Diagnostic System Using Cordless Telephones at SPring-8 T. KUDO 164
  3-4 List of User Experiments 168
4. Publication
  List of Symposia and Others 201
  List of Publications (Staff) 203
  List of Publications (Users) 214
  1. Committees 219
  2. Structure of Organization 226
  3. Scientific Staff 227
  4. Beamline Scientist 235