SPring-8, the large synchrotron radiation facility

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SPring-8 Annual Report 1997

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Editorial Board
Pictures [544 kB]
1. Overview of the SPring-8 Project
  Overview of the SPring-8 Project 1
2. Administration
  Administration 3
  Facility Management and Development 7
  SPring-8 Research Promotion and User Support 8
  SRI'97 10
  The 11th Symposium on Accelerator Science and Technology 12
3. Facilities
  3-1 Accelerators
    Accelerator Division - General - 13
      Linac 15
      Synchrotron 18
    Storage Ring
      Magnets, Power Supplies and Alignment 20
      RF System 23
      Vacuum System 25
      Beam Diagnostics 27
      Control System 29
      Beam Dynamics 32
  3-2 Experimental Facilities
    Experimental Facilities - General - 35
    Transport Channel and Optics 40
    SPring-8 Detector Projects 42
    List of Beamlines
    Public Beamlines
      XAFS (BL01B1) 44
        The Beamline BL01B1 for X-ray Spectroscopy (XAFS) 46
      Crystal Structure Analysis (BL02B1) 48
        First Experiments at BL02B1 and Some Results on Structural Phase Transition SG 50
        Small Crystal Diffraction Experiment with Vacuum Camera for Structural Analysis Beamline 52
        High-resolution Powder Diffraction Experiments at BL02B1 55
        Diffuse Scattering 57
      High Temperature Research (BL04B1) 59
        X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Mercury using Synchrotron Radiation 61
        High Pressure Mineral Physics 63
      Present Status of Beamline BL08W for High Energy Inelastic Scattering 65
        Opening of Compton Scattering Beamline 68
      Nuclear Resonant Scattering (BL09XU) 70
        Nuclear Resonant Scattering 71
      The Outline of Extremely Dense State BL10XU 73
        Structural Properties of Extremely Dense Materials Subgroup 75
        Rapid & Sensitive XAFS using Tunable X-ray Undulator 77
      Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solids (BL25SU) 79
        Soft X-ray Spectroscopy of Solids 80
      Soft X-ray Photochemistry (BL27SU) 83
        Soft X-ray Photochemistry 85
      Physicochemical Analysis (BL39XU) 88
        X-ray Magnetic Absorption and Scattering (XAFS) [320 kB] 91
        Spectrochemical Analysis 95
        Medical Application (SR-XRF group) 99
      Bio-crystallography (BL41XU) 101
        Bio-crystallography [464 kB] 103
        Biomacromolecules (Crystal) 108
    JAERI Beamlines (BL11XU, BL14B1, BL23SU)
        JAERI Beamlines 110
        BL11XU 111
        BL14B1 [308 kB] 114
        BL23SU [404 kB] 118
    RIKEN Beamlines (BL44B2, BL45XU)
        RIKEN Beamline for Structural Biology 121
    Contract Beamline (Hyogo BL24XU) [412 kB] 125
    Contract Beamline (Osaka University BL44XU) 131
  3-3 Safety Office 133
  3-4 Present Status of the Information Network System for SPring-8 136
  3-5 Conventional Facilities 140
  3-6 Utilities 145
4. Activities
  4-1 Accelerators
      Photocathode RF Gun Development for SPring-8 Linac T. TANIUCHI 152
      Study of Linac Based Single Pass FEL K. YANAGIDA 155
      Stability of the RF System at SPring-8 Linac [492 kB] T. ASAKA 157
      Several-bunch Beam-operation of SPring-8 H. SUZUKI 160
      Estimation of Alignment Accuracy of the SPring-8 Synchrotron K. FUKAMI 162
    Storage Ring
      Commissioning of the RF System of the SPring-8 Storage Ring H. EGO 165
      Acceleration Voltage Calibration by Synchrotron Frequency Measurement T. OHSHIMA 167
      Diffraction Limited Resolution of a Synchrotron Radiation Beam Profile Monitor [500 kB] M. MASAKI 169
      Laser-electron-photon Beamline BL33LEP Y. OHASHI 172
      Model Calibration via Measurement of Betatron Functions and Phase Advances G. LIU 174
      Alignment Procedures of the New SUBARU Ring Magnets S. MATSUI 177
      Making Alignment Datums for the New SUBARU Ring C. ZHANG 180
      Peryurbative Formulation of the Nonlinear Dispersion M. TAKAO 183
      Method to Control Coupling Ratio in SPring-8 Storage Ring H. TANAKA 185
      Calibration of Beam Position Monitors using a Stored Beam H. TANAKA 188
      Model Calculations of Optics for the SPring-8 Storage Ring K. SOUTOME 191
      An Observation of the Long Term Stability of the Electron Beam Trajectory in the Storage Ring of SPring-8 S. DATÉ 194
      The Status of New SUBARU New SUBARU
Project Team
      Development of a New SR Beam Monitor using Compton Scattering T. KUDO 200
  4-2 Experimental Facilities
    Insertion Devices
      Beam Position Alarm : ID Radiation Interlock System using rf-BPMs T. KUDO 203
    Front Ends
      Electronics of XBPMs for the SPring-8 Beamlines T. KUDO 205
      Commissioning of Absorbers for High Heat Load X-ray Undulator Beamlines at SPring-8 T. MOCHIZUKI 208
      Development of X-ray Beam Position Monitor for Bending Magnet Beamline at SPring-8 H. SHIWAKU 210
      Measurements of Spatial Distribution of Radiated Power from the SPring-8 Undulators using the Thin Foil I0 Monitor M. OURA 212
      Design of a Pre Slit for the SPring-8 Undulator Beamlines (3) S. TAKAHASHI 215
      Thin Foil I0 Monitor as an Aligning Tool for the Front-end Slits of the SPring-8 Undulator Beamline [372 kB] M. OURA 217
      Performance of X-ray Beam Position Monitors for ID Beamlines [300 kB] H. AOYAGI 220
      Graphite Wire Monitor Tested at BL47XU [428 kB] H. AOYAGI 222
      MicroStrip Gaseous Chamber for Realtime X-ray Imaging Detector at RIKEN Beamline I H. TOYOKAWA 224
      The Behavior of Ionization Chambers under the Irradiation of High Flux X-ray Beam [524 kB] K. SATO 225
      Basic Characterization of a Multiple CCD X-ray Detector and its First On-beamline Test T. KUMASAKA 228
      A CCD-based Beam Monitor N. YAGI 230
      Characterization of a 300keV Monochromator for High Energy Synchrotron Radiation H. YAMAOKA 231
      Focusing Property by a Bent Crystal for High Energy Synchrotron Radiation H. YAMAOKA 232
      Development of Trichromator at SPring-8 RIKEN Beamline I M. YAMAMOTO 233
      Polarization Conversion using Diamond X-Ray Phase Retarder at BL39XU M. SUZUKI 235
      Current Status of Small-angle Scattering Experiments at BL-45 T. FUJISAWA 238
      Evaluation of the X-ray Bubble Lens Y. KOHMURA 239
      Characterization of the Elliptical Multipole Wiggler (BL08W) M. MIZUMAKI 241
      Production of Multiply Charged Ion Target for Photoionization Studies using Synchrotron Radiation in the Soft X-ray Region M. OURA 242
  4-3 Synchrotron Radiation Experiments
      The Study of the Magnetically Excited State by using Mössbauer Time Spectra with Polarization Analyzer Crystal T. MITSUI 244
      Inelastic Nuclear Resonance Scattering from FeCl3-Graphite Intercalation Compounds S. KITAO 245
5. Public Beamline User Reports
      SPring-8 User Report 246
      Proposal List of Public Beamline Experiments in 1997 248
      Studies on the Structure of Pd Supported on Zeolites by XAFS K. OKUMURA 251
      Studies on the Structure of WO3 Dispersed over ZrO2 by XAFS K. OKUMURA 252
      Solvation Structures of Iodide Anion in Various Solvents I. WATANABE 253
      Total Reflection XAFS of Aqueous Solution Surface I. WATANABE 254
      XAFS Study on Liquid Te and I under high temperature and high pressure Y. KATAYAMA 255
      XAFS Study on EuC60 Y. KUBOZONO 256
      XAFS Analysis of Dilute Zr, Nb and Mo Species in Metal Oxide Matrices T. TANAKA 257
      Characterization of BL01B1 S. EMURA 258
      General evaluation of XAFS beamline I -XAFS in the high energy region- Y. NISHIHATA 259
      Evaluation of Energy Resolution of BL01B1 Using XANES Spectra of Various Metal Ions T. TANAKA 260
      XAFS Studies of Local Structure of Thin Film of Alkali Halide Single Crystals T. MURATA 261
      Preliminary results of fluorescence Cu K-edge XAFS spectra and high energy K-edge XAFS spectra of AgI-related Samples H. KAGEYAMA 262
      XAFS spectrum observation system at BL01B1 M. TAKAHASHI 263
      Comparison of conversion electron yield and transmission EuK -XAFS spectra for Eu2O2CN2 M. TAKAHASHI 264
      EXAFS Measurements of Nd3+-doped Alkali Silicate Glasses on the Nd K-edge H. YAMAGUCHI 265
      High-Resolution Powder Diffraction Experiments at BL02B1 H. TORAYA 266
      Precursor Phenomena on the First-Order Phase Transition in Ferroelastic Compounds Y. KUROIWA 267
      A Structural Study of Fullerene Compounds by the Maximum Entropy Method M. TAKATA 268
      Structural Fluctuation in Ternary Alloys K. OHSHIMA 269
      Lattice Modulation and Charge Ordering Associated with the Spin Ordering in CeP Y. NODA 270
      Phase Transition of Hexagonal BaTiO3 Y. NODA 271
      Precise Crystal Structure Analysis of K3H(SO4)2 by High Energy X-ray Diffraction Method H. KASATANI 272
      A preliminary Study on the surface diffraction from SiO2/Si(001) interface I. TAKAHASHI 273
      Structure refinements of a GeO2 rutile single crystal at 6GPa using hard X-rays of 25 and 50 keV T. HATTORI 274
      Highly Accurate Measurement of Electron Density Distribution in Transition-Metal Complexes with SR and Vacuum Camera K. TANAKA 275
      Single Crystal Analyses of e-O2 High-Pressure Phase of Solid Oxygen Y. AKAHAMA 276
      Development of Electronic Excited State Crystallography by Modulation Method with Imaging Plate Detector Y. OZAWA 277
      X-ray Diffraction Study on Ultra-Thin Barium Titanate Films Grown by Reactive Evaporation K. SAKAUE 278
      X-ray Structure Analysis of Host-Guest Organic MicroCrystals Y. TAKENAKA 279
      Micro-Crystal Structure Analysis and Its Application to the Study of Photo-Induced Structural Change of the Metal Complex K. TORIUMI 280
      High-resolution X-ray Diffraction Study on Artificially Grown Quasi-Periodic Superlattices K. SAKAUE 281
      Structure and Equation of State Study of Mantle Minerals Through in situ X-ray Observaion T. YAGI 282
      In situ X-ray Diffraction study of the phase transformations, melting behaviours, and rheological properties of the earth's materials at high pressure and high temperature T. IRIFUNE 283
      In situ X-ray diffraction study on kinetics of decomposition of spinel Mg2SiO4 at high pressure and temperature T. KUBO 284
      Pressure Induced Phase Transition of CdI2-type PbI2 O. OHTAKA 285
      Precise determination of phase relations in the system Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 at high pressures T. KATSURA 286
      In situ observation of graphite to diamond transition using catalysts W. UTSUMI 287
      The determination of the P-T phase diagram of PbZrO3 S. ENDO 288
      X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Selenium M. INUI 289
      X-ray Diffraction Measurements for Expanded Fluid Mercury K. TAMURA 290
      In-situ observation of first sharp diffraction peak for amorphous SiO2 under high pressures N. KITAMURA 291
      Successful Operation of Noble Equipment for Magnetic Compton-Profile Measurements at the BL08W N. SAKAI 292
      Measurement of Degree of Circular Polarization of 274-keV X-Rays M. MIZUMAKI 293
      Performance of a Monochromator for 300-keV X-Rays H. YAMAOKA 294
      The study of the Perturbed Nuclear Resonant Scattering T. MITSUI 295
      X-ray inelastic scattering of myoglobin T. HARAMI 296
      Surface Structure analysis of solid liquid interfaces M. NAKAMURA 297
      Development of Nuclear Resonant Inelastic Scattering Technique M. SETO 298
      Performance Test of the Goniometer for Surface and Interface Analysis T. TAKAHASHI 299
      Nuclear-Resonance Scattering of Ferromagnetic Amorphous Alloy S. NASU 300
      Nuclear resonant scattering by the nuclei with high transition energy Y. YODA 301
      Fundamental process of nuclear resonant scattering Y. YODA 302
      Structure Analysis of Tetrahedral-Molecular Crystal and Amorphous at High Pressure N. HAMAYA 303
      Structural Phase Transition of Molecular Solids under High Pressure H. KAWAMURA 304
      X-ray diffraction study of sulfur laser-heated at 11GPa N. SAKURAI 305
      Density of Luquid Te and Bi under High Temperature and High Presure Y. KATAYAMA 306
      Crystal Structure Analyses of Solid Oxygen High-Pressure Phases and Research for Molecular Dissociation Y. AKAHAMA 307
      High Resolution Resonant Auger Electron Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules I. H. SUZUKI 308
      X-ray fluorescence holography of Zn in GaAs:Zn K. HAYASHI 309
      Development of high energy resolution detectors for trace chemical characterization [316 kB] K. SAKURAI 310
      Chemical characterization of ultra trace metals in small liquid drop K. SAKURAI 311
      Analyses of thin films interfaces by X-ray fluorescence and scattering using total reflection K. SAKURAI 312
      X-ray Mangetic Diffraction of Iron with A Phase Plate on Au Undulator Beamline M. ITO 313
      Bio-medical application of Total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis I. NAKAI 314
      High resolution x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and spin selective XAFS S. HAYAKAWA 315
      Chemical state analysis of trace elements with a scanning x-ray microprobe S. HAYAKAWA 316
      Efficiency Test of Diamond Phase Retarder and Polarization Analysis H. MARUYAMA 317
      X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering and Polarization Dependence H. MARUYAMA 318
      XMCD Measurements at K-Edge using Diamond Phase Retarder H. MARUYAMA 319
      XMCD Measurements at Pt L3-Edge in Fe-Pt Alloys H. MARUYAMA 320
      Structure analysis of bacterial flagellar filament by X-ray fiber diffraction K. HASEGAWA 321
      Structure of Diol Dehydrase containing Vitamin B12 analogue N. SHIBATA 322
      X-ray Crystallographic Strudy of Pink Color Chromoprotein from Pleurotus Salmoneostramineus L.Vass Y. KAI 323
      X-ray crystallographic Studies on Tabacco Necrosis Virsu, Peroxidase, and a-Amylase inhibitor K. FUKUYAMA 324
      Mechanism for thermo-stabilization of enzymes from view of the three dimensional structure Y. YOSHIIKE 325
      X-ray crystallography of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases complexd with tRNA O. NUREKI 326
      X-ray crystallographic studise on hematopoietic and lipocalin type PGDS M. MIYANO 327
      Crystal structure analysis of a-and b-amylases from Bacillus species T. YAMANE 328
      Test for the Routine Structure Analysis of Biological Macromolecules at the Bio-Crystallography Beamline N. KAMIYA 329
      Tuning of the Bio-Crystallography Beamline Y. KAWANO 330
      X-ray crystal structure analysis of ribosomal protein S7 by MAD A. NAKAGAWA 331
      Evaluation of Performance of the Bio-Crystallography Beamline by Means of Refinement of High-Resolution Crystal Structure M. FUJIHASHI 332
      Date Collection of Phenylethylamine Oxidase from Arthrobacter globiformis at Low Temperature H. YAMAGUCHI 333
      Structures of Escherichia coli and Mouse 8-Oxo-dGTPase that Hydrolyze the Mutagenic 8-Oxo-dGTP to 8-Oxo-dGMP Y. YAMAGATA 334
      High Resolution X-ray Crystallographic Analysis of Cytochrome c Oxidase H. SAKAI 335
      Mechanism of Proton Pumping of Cytochrome c Oxidase based on its Crystal Structure S. YOSHIKAWA 336
      X-ray fiber diffraction from the native thin filament and F-actin sols T. ODA 337
      Crystal structure of Phe-tRNA-synthetase from T.thermophilus in complex with phenylalanyl-adenylate D. VASSYLYEV 338
      Protein crystallography of muscle tropomyosin and complexes of tropomyosin with other proteins Y. MAEDA 339
      X-ray structure analysis of drug-resistant HIV-1 protease, and protease inhibitor complexes, and rHCAI and substate/ inhibitor complexes M. HOSUR 340
  BL45XU (RIKEN Beamline)
      Tests of the Small-angle Beamline for X-ray Diffraction Experiments on Skeletal Muscles N. YAGI 341
      X-ray Solution Scattering of Biological Supramolecules on an Undulator Radiation Source Y. INOKO 342
      Structural Analysis during the Photocycle of Bacteriorhodopsin revealed by Time Resoloved X-ray Diffraction F. TOKUNAGA 343
      Stability of Solution Structure and Photo-Induced Structural Changes of Photoactive Yellow Protein with Use of Mutants N. HAMADA 344
  1. Committees 345
  2. Scientific Staff 348
  3. List of Symposia and Others 350
  4. List of Publications 1997 351